Call for Submissions

Avalonian Goddess Anthology Update:

We have received more submissions for the Blodeuwedd Goddess Anthology and have decided to move forward and publish this book first. That being said, we need more pieces to fill this beautiful collection and need your help!

We hope to publish the Blodeuwedd Anthology sometime in the Spring for reference and inspiration, therefore please note, our deadline for all submissions is JANUARY 1ST, 2013.

We are seeking educational, celebratory and inspirational works in honor of the Welsh Goddess Blodeuwedd.

Suggested Topics, as related to Blodeuwedd:

– Mythology, folklore and beliefs
– Sacred Sites
– Personal experiences with the Goddess
– Meditations, workings, rituals
– Herbs, stones, and symbols
– Songs and chants with notation
– Images of altars, crafts, gardens, sculpture, masks and other creations dedicated to, or inspired by Blodeuwedd

Copyright and Compensation

All proceeds from the sale of this devotional anthology will benefit the Sisterhood of Avalon Land Fund. There is no direct compensation for publication, and authors retain copyright of their work. Consider your participation in this project as an offering to the Goddess it celebrates, and a way to support the sacred land and women’s sanctuary the SOA seeks to manifest for all who are drawn to the Holy Isle.

Submission Requirements

All written work should be in Arial 12 point Word Document format and sent as an email attachment to:

All images should be 300 dpi or higher, in either .jpeg or transparent .gif format, and sent as an email attachment to:

If you are interested in participating, please send a query letter describing the topic and content of your intended submission to

We look forward to working with you on manifesting this project in honor of the Flower Maiden!